Friday, April 22, 2011

Stuck at snow blind mission in BFBC2 - solved

BattleField Bad Company 2:
Mission: Snow Blind
Problem: Game crashes to the desktop as we enter the helicopter.
This is something which really bugged me, esp after that run in the snow, getting frozen, followed by get it. As soon as I climbed up the ladder and into the helicopter-BAM-the game just closed and I was back at my desktop.
Here are two things I did and one of these worked well. Now, four levels after the experiment, am sharing the two things I did.
1. In the file settings.ini in Documents, change the entry for DirectX from auto to 10 if windows 7, to 9 if Xp or vista.
2. Instead of climbing the ladder directly, go to the balcony and take a left. After a left again you'll see another ladder. Climb it and you'll need to walk a few feet into the chopper... a movie follows.

Hope this helped.